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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device’s browser directory while you visit websites. Cookies are widely used by websites to help users navigate efficiently and perform certain functions. Cookies also provide certain information, mainly with regards to audience measurement, to websites owners.
Our cookies may include information about your online preferences and allow us to tailor our websites to your interests.

How to accept or refuse the use of cookies?

Users have the option to configure their devices to accept all cookies, inform them when a cookie is issued, or never accept cookies. The latter option means that some personalized services cannot be provided to the user and, as a result, the user may not be able to take full advantage of all the features offered by our websites.

Should you wish to disable all or certain cookies, you can do so by accessing and setting your browser accordingly. Each browser being different, please consult your browser's help menu to find out how to change your cookie preferences.

How do we user cookies?

The information collected using cookies helps us analyze how you use our websites and allows us to offer you a better user experience when you visit one of our websites. The information collected by our cookies is not used to identify you or to send you advertising messages by e-mail or by post. In addition, we do not intend to use cookies to deliver personalized advertising messages to children.

What types of cookies do we use and what for?


Some of our cookies are essential for the use of our websites or some of their features. When you use our websites, these functional cookies cannot be disabled. These cookies include, among others, cookies that allow to record the consent or objection of the user regarding the use of cookies by our website or those relating to the registration of the language preference.
These cookies do not collect information for commercial purposes and are not stored on your device when you close your browser.


We may use session cookies to only allow the transmission of communication necessary to the functioning of our websites, for example to allow the user to browse the site and browse the different pages. These cookies expire at the end of the user's session (that is, when the user closes the browser window). Should you agree by clicking on the "Accept" button provided for this purpose, we can also use cookies that are kept longer to memorize your preferences and your choices on our websites. These cookies have a lifespan that usually does not exceed thirteen months.


We may use analytics cookies to improve the performance of our websites, by collecting login data for the date, time, Internet address, your device's protocol, and the page viewed. We do not transfer any of these data to third parties. We do not reuse them for other purposes, or crossmatch them with other data including client files, and do not store them in any way for more than six months. In any case, we may use vendor analytics tools and associated cookies. For additional information, and subject to the availability of this information, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy.

For this purpose, your connection data may be transferred to this provider. Located in the United States, they have certified that they comply with the US Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor System Rules, allowing such a transfer to be considered to provide a sufficient level of protection for data of a given nature in accordance with Commission Decision No 2000/520 / EC of 26 July 2000.

You can however deactivate these various operations by configuring your browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, by following the instructions provided for this purpose on the website of your browser orif not, on the website of the Commission National Computer Science and Freedoms (CNIL). Should you want to exercise your right of opposition, we confirm that no connection data will be transmitted to any provider of analysis tools. You have a right of access to your personal data that you can exercise by contacting the concerned supplier.


Our websites may include features from third-party, including certain social networks. These features can sometimes include scripts or other items that can read and sometimes place cookies from these social networks on your device. These cookies can be used to personalize advertising messages. Although we have no access to these cookies and no control over them or the data they collect, we have deemed it essential to mention them so that you have access to these cookies and clear and complete information that their use may, if necessary, require you to give your consent. For additional information, and subject to the availability of this information, please refer to the list of potential social networking cookies below.


The following YouTube or Google features may be included on our websites and may read or place YouTube or Google cookies:

- YouTube video player (which allows the posting of YouTube videos on our websites)
- Sign in to YouTube (which allows a user to sign in to their YouTube account and interact with DEC via this account)
- Sign in to Google (which allows the user to sign in to their Google Account and interact with our

Click here to view Google's privacy policy (also applies to YouTube).


The following LinkedIn features may be included in our websites and may read or place LinkedIn cookies:

- LinkedIn button

Click here to view LinkedIn's privacy policy.


The following Twitter features may be included in our websites and may read or place Twitter cookies:

- Tweeter button

Click here to view Twitter's privacy policy.