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JULY 3TH, 2018

Biom’up announces first sales of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows in the United States and the nomination to its board of directors of an independent director and an observer to support the company’s growth

- The first batch of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows was shipped to the United States in June, offering a test run for the entire supply chain and customs for its flagship product 

- A first supply agreement was signed with the UCLA Medical Center, a leading hospital in the Los Angeles area 

- Master agreements are in the process of being negotiated with more than 75 hospitals throughout the United States 

- The first deliveries to hospitals were made on July 2 

- On July 2 the company filed a supplement to obtain FDA approval for HEMOBLAST™ Bellows for use in laparoscopic surgery 

- An independent director and a non-voting observer are appointed at the company’s board of directors to support its development in North America 


Download the full press release below: 

» Biomup_PR.pdf