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Home Page > News > FEBRUARY 20TH, 2018


Biom'up completes the first of its financing operations for a total amount of more than €40 million


“Biom’up wishes to thank all its investors those from France and those from further afield, those who have long supported us and those who have only recently come on board for making this fundraising transaction a success. The €16 million capital increase will enable us to accelerate the industrial development of Biom'up, and to prepare the expansion of our hemostatic range. As planned, these funds will be used to accelerate the ramp-up in our production in connection with the launch of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows and further clinical efforts on HEMOBLAST™ Bellows andHEMOSNOW™ ”. Etienne Binant, Biom’up’s Chief Executive Officer
Download the full press release bellow:  

» BiomUp_PR_EN Capital increase.pdf