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Haemostatic and osteoconductive bone substitue matrix

MATRI™ BONE ORTHO is comprised of a granular biphasic synthetic bone substitute dispersed in a collagen matrix (types I and III). Resorbable, haemostatic and osteoconductive, MATRI™ BONE ORTHO is indicated for non-load bearing bone augmentation and bone reconstruction in orthopaedic surgery and is used to fill various types of bone lesions that result from surgery, trauma, or pathology:

  • Donor site for autologous bone sample (iliac crest etc.)
  • Bone tumour resection
  • Osteosynthesis
  • Prosthesis placement
  • Arthrodesis, spondylosyndesis
  • Pseudarthrosis
  • Osteotomy (sternotomy, etc.)
  • Any other mild bone lesion

Clinical cases :

Immediate post-op X-ray. MATRI™ BONE ORTHO has been placed at the focal point of the fracture on the internal bone strut without the means of additional fixation

Post-op X-ray at 10 months follow-up: formation of a dense bony mass with incorparation of MATRI™ BONE ORTHO and reconstruction of the internal bone strut.

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